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bamboo flooring Antique strand woven bamboo flooring

Although technically classed as a grass, bamboo has amazing strength and durability, allowing it to be used for traditional timber applications. In fact, compressed strand bamboo is one of the hardest floorings available, with a Janka Hardness rating of 16.10.

Beautiful and stylish, bamboo flooring is also more durable and more stable than most timber flooring. Bamboo floors have very high moisture resistance, resulting in minimum expansion and contraction of the boards following installation, and also have strong resistance to diseases, insects and climate damage. Taking only five years to mature, bamboo is also a rapidly renewable natural resource.

Bamboo flooring is a tongue and groove construction with end matched boards. The three layered, staggered design of the horizontal or vertical floorboards protect against delamination - in fact, they are guaranteed for 10 years against delamination. The boards are finished on all sides, resulting in a more stable floor which is less susceptible to cupping.

Bamboo floors are available pre-finished in satin or gloss aluminium oxide, or can be finished on-site. The finish is water based and free of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and any other harmful chemicals. Also available is a super tough commercial coating for very high traffic areas.

Borthwick Floors™ uses only top quality solid laminated bamboo boards. They can install over most existing surfaces, including concrete, particle board, plywood, existing timber floors or directly onto joists or battens. Standard boards (900mm x 90mm x 15mm) are not designed to be installed as a floating floor. The wide boards (1830mm x 152mm x 15mm) may be floated on a foam underlay.

Also available are bamboo stair treads and standard flooring accessories to complete your project.

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