With a little sensible care and maintenance, you can keep your timber floor looking beautiful forever.

Dirt and grit on the floor will reduce the floor's sparkle, and will result in scratches. Sweep or vacuum your floor at least once a week to remove any dirt, preferably using an electrostatic broom. To help keep floors clean, place door mats outside and preferably inside each external door to trap dirt.

Timber floors should be cleaned using as little water as possible - never use a wet mop or any water based cleaners on your floor, as this can affect the moisture content of the timber and may result in cupping. After sweeping your floor, clean with a slightly damp mop using a positive emulsion cleaner specifically for timber floors. Do not use household cleaners on your timber floor, as these may contain harsh chemicals which can affect the finish of your timber floor. Any liquid spills should be wiped up with a soft cloth.

Over time, direct sunlight will cause changes in the colour of timber floors. To avoid fading and discolouring, close curtains and blinds whenever possible. You may also find that the placement of rugs can cause the timber floor to fade unevenly. It is a good idea to move rugs and furniture occasionally, to give the flooring an opportunity to 'even out'.

High heel and stiletto shoes will cause dents in a timber floor. It is always a good idea to remove high heel shoes before walking on floorboards.

Moving or dragging furniture on a timber floor will also cause damage. Fit protective pads beneath furniture legs to prevent scuffing. Barrel castors are more timber-friendly than ball castors.

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